Asphalt Rollers Roundabout on Pt Fosdick Dr in Gig Harbor

Roundabout Construction on Pt Fosdick Dr in Gig Harbor

Civil Construction / Asphalt Paving

This work provided for the improvements to the Point Fosdick Drive NW/Stone Drive NW/34th Ave NW intersection by constructing a new single lane asphalt roundabout.

This roundabout was the first in Unincorporated Pierce County built by the County. The development of this roundabout was key in relieving congestion and increasing access to the neighboring communities and businesses in the South Gig Harbor Peninsula area.

Improvements included truck aprons, crosswalks, cement concrete traffic curb and gutter and cement concrete sidewalks. Work also involved clearing and grubbing, mass roadway excavation and embankment, crack & seat and pulverization of existing road, crushed surfacing, hot mix asphalt paving, street lighting, new landscaping and enclosed storm drainage conveyance system and a storm drainage treatment facility.

A full road closure for 30 days was implemented as well as the construction of a temporary bypass road. During the road closure, Miles had to excavate and build a new asphalt roadway that was 8 feet lower than the existing road.

Project Incentive:

The project duration was 140 working days with an incentive for an early completion. The incentive was awarded by completing the project in 107 days which also included additional work for approved changes.

A project webpage from Pierce County can be accessed by using the link below: