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Since 2009

For over 70 years, the Miles group of companies has supplied ready mixed concrete and aggregates in Western Washington. Miles Resources has provided asphalt paving and civil construction services since 2009. Our mission is to provide top quality products and services that help our customers meet today’s construction needs. We are proud of our commitment to environmental responsibility, safe work environments and outstanding quality of life enjoyed by our family of employees.

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Civil Construction

Civil Construction

A resourceful, professional team ready to meet challenging construction specifications and schedules for both private and public projects. We can provide complete site work packages for subdivisions, apartment complexes, retail and commercial parks, and industrial warehouses.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt and Paving

Miles Resources is an industry leader in the manufacture and installation of quality Hot Mix Asphalt products. With facilities located in Lakewood and Sumner we service the South Puget Sound region. We have won numerous Federal, State, County, and City Asphalt Paving awards in past years. From large state highway projects to paving pedestrian and bike paths, from warehouse paving to shipping terminals, we pave it all!

Asphalt Plant


Miles’ attention to environmental concerns and our commitment to reducing construction costs are evident at our Lakeview Recycling facility. We recycle concrete, asphalt, and roofing shingles. We process the materials into WSDOT specification products for the construction of roadways, parking lots, buildings, and utilities. Products produced include hot mix asphalt, crushed surfacing base course, and crushed surfacing top course.

Featured Project:

East 40th Street Green Stormwater Infrastructure Paving

This project was located in Tacoma on East 40th Street from East McKinley Avenue to Portland Avenue East and included the removal and replacement of existing asphalt pavement, concrete and landscaping areas. The roadway was replaced with Porous Asphalt and Asphalt Treated Permeable Base to allow stormwater to infiltrate the new roadway. This helps to reduce stormwater flow and filters pollution from the water before it reenters the storm system. Porous hot-mix asphalt is becoming more common for use on projects in Western Washington. Paving with this environmentally sound asphalt product will help to ensure a long-lasting road with minimal maintenance.



  • This project received the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Associations “2018 Innovative Stormwater Project Award”
  • Washington Asphalt Pavement Association’s “2019 Special Innovative Pavement for Western WA”.
  • It also received the Greenroads Silver Certification and is the highest scoring Greenroads project to date. The press release from Greenroads is included below.
  • This article from Asphalt Pro provides additional information on the Greenroad’s project:

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