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Idea School Tacoma Permeable Pavement & Storm System Install

IDEA – Innovative Design Engineering and Art.

Innovative Low Impact Development project at the Idea School in Tacoma with several project partners and many objectives. The project was designed to study storm water quality and run-off through various types of road sections while innovating new materials, and having the ability to test and research data. Seven different road sections were built to include; two variations of pervious concrete over asphalt treated permeable base with additives, two variations of permeable asphalts mixes with additives, and three other permeable asphalt sections. To research and collect data both piping and fabricated sample ports were installed to analyze water quality. Sensors were installed in concrete road panels to test load and strength. This project was not only innovative from a construction standpoint, a full curriculum was put in place to get the high school students involved with all aspects of the project (pre-design through post project analysis) and show career opportunities within the industry.


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