Forest Green Blvd. - Water Main Replacement

Construction / Site Development and Major Utilities

Forest Green Boulevard Water Main Replacement Schedules A & B. Replacement of approximately (2,839+996) 3,835LF of 4-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch diameter water main and associated valving, hydrants, services, connections, and roadway restoration. Affected roadways include; Forest Rim Ct N, Forest Park Ct N, Forest Ridge Ct N, Forest View Ct N, Alderbrook Ct N, Briarwood Ct N, Briarwood Ct S, and 24th St SE.

Project will be done in phases starting with installing the new water main on each street followed by new services, trench patch restoration, then followed by a complete grind and overlay of each cul de sac. Water shut downs will be inevitable on this project but notifications will be relayed in advance on when to expect them. The duration of this project is 65 business/working days, we will do everything in our power to expedite this schedule/timeline.

If  water services are scheduled to be installed on your road:

We expect to get 4 homes per day completed. You will receive 48 hr. advanced notices that water shut offs at individual water meters will begin. You will also receive a friendly reminder shortly before from one of our crew members coming to your door.  Please keep in mind that you will see our crew members in your front yard and possibly at the side of your house trying to locate your hose bib.  This is necessary so we are able to flush the water service.  Please do not be alarmed. Expect about 30mins-1hr to get your water back online but we will move as fast as possible.

Tentative Schedule as of 5-19 is as follows:

Monday 5/22 – Water service installations on Alderbrook Ct. N. and Forest View Ct N.

Tuesday 5/23 – Continue services on Alderbrook Ct. N and finishing up on Forest View Ct N.

Wednesday 5/24 – Finish up service installs on Alderbrook Ct. N. Start services on Briarwood Ct N. Water main tie-in on Briarwood Ct S. and 24th St SE.

Thursday 5/25 – Service installs continue on Briarwood Ct N.

Friday 5/26 – Finish services on Briarwood Ct N and start services on Briarwood Ct S.

Monday 5/29 – Labor day. No work will be done.

Tuesday 5/30 – Services continuing on Briarwood Ct S.

Wednesday 5/31 – Finish services up on Briarwood Ct. S and starting on 24th St SE. Second crew will be located on Forest Green BLVD doing water hydrant work.

Please note schedule could move faster or slower depending on numerous variables.

Please contact our project superintendent with any questions you may have or information you may find helpful that you would like added to our updates (preferred method is through email):

Miles Resources
Scott Olsen
Phone #: 253.307.4952